“No More Tears” [Easy Rock/Blues] (2014)

This is a song I had written back at the beginning of 2009.   At that time, I was going through a time of drastic change in which I chose to separate myself from the life I was living, collect my thoughts, and come back to the table with options. Well, at this point, I had very few options. This created a major fork in the road for me.  After weighing my options, I began my journey. I decided to take the path less traveled and that made all the difference.  That journey led me to another in which I realized I was in need of a fresh start. In my opinion, new things are easier to approach and accept if old lingering things are cleared from the slate.  This song is exactly about that.

In other words, I was going through a fun little break-up when I wrote this.  Just like anyone else that has ever had a relationship go sour with so much invested, I too, went through those struggles.  After deciding that relationship was not the right one for me,  I had to figure out how to pick up and move on.  It was then I turned to my guitar and my voice to help me combine those thoughts and feelings, directly channeling them into a nice little melody.  A closure, I like to call it, on that chapter of my life.  Its funny how heartache, sadness, and pain can help write some of the best songs out there.  This is my contribution.  Hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening!

If you liked the jam and feel you have been there or can relate in any way, then I feel my job as a singer/songwriter has been accomplished.  Also, you can grab the high quality download of this jam for only $0.50 if interested in having your own copy to share with friends and family.  Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. The link to buy is down below.



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