I grew up in rural southwest Virginia.  It was here in the Appalachian mountains where I began my musical quest. I picked up the guitar around the age of 6 years old.  Little did I know at the time that music would play such a huge role in my life.  Soon, that simple enjoyment fueled my drive to become a singer/ songwriter and become emerged into the music scene here in and around the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

As I became more devoted to learning guitar and songwriting,  I also became intrigued with audio recording /production. I started to learn new instruments. It seemed to be the unique timbre of each instrument that grabbed my attention the most. I acquired a strong desire to capture the sounds I could hear exactly how I heard them. Once I picked up my first 4-track recorder, I embarked a long journey dedicated to learning and understanding pro-audio and recording equipment.  This, eventually, led to many experiences with several digital applications for audio recording.

Shortly after I graduated high school,  I left southwest Virginia and headed north where I resided in Radford, Virginia.  Here, I formed the band, Fairlawn, with local friends.  After performing locally for about a year,  Fairlawn fell apart.  I was left with no decision other than to move on as a solo performing musician.  I traveled from town to town sharing my original music as well as performing cover songs from many decades and genres with his original,  blues/ folk influenced, style.

With a primary focus in neuroscience, I eventually went back to school and earned a BS in Biology at Radford University. In doing so, I developed strong interests in how music affects the brain, how its created, and how its interpreted.  I picked up minors in Chemistry as well as Psychology to help support my interests and ideas.  Although I never had the chance to work in related research areas, I did spend a few years working as a Laboratory Specialist in a neuroscience laboratory at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute focusing on behavioral and developmental biology. Although science had become my career, music was still my passion.


Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute – Roanoke, VA

Currently, I have relocated near Atlanta, Georgia where I quickly integrated myself into the Atlanta music scene.  I had the opportunity to set aside a science career and immerse myself completely in the music once again.  My original style and tremendous variety of covers continue to book gigs for me at local bars, taverns, and breweries as well as a performer in local songwriter showcases.  It is here in the greater Atlanta area that I genuinely feel hope again for a dream I once had.  I aim to transform this hope into networking opportunities while connecting with other artists/musicians/ talent buyers around the Atlanta areas. I would also like to provide live entertainment locally and regionally in my efforts to share the roots and rhythms I carry along with me on this journey I call life.

2 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Thank you for following Storyteller. You’re from Radford? Do you know my friends David Simpkins and Chris Kirby? Their bands way back on the day were Sneakers and Visible Shivers. Now, David write, sings and plays acoustic Americana by himself or with his friends and wife in a band called KGB. — Ray

    • I stayed in Radford just a brief period in the early 2000’s. Never head of those cats, but it’s interesting to hear from someone here that has been through or lived in that area. It’s a small world, so they say.. haha

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