Back to the studio with “Crazy” [Modern Acoustic Blues] (2014)

So I have finally made it back in the music scene after taking a nearly half a decade to pursue an academia career in neuroscience.  Needless to say,  it has been far too long. This time around, I have a whole new approach to get my music heard am pretty open to any suggestions. I have found out from past experiences that its typically not the best idea to just spam up everything with links to your music and never interact with anyone or listen to other musicians material.  Yes, I am guilty of having fell into these easy ways to try and promote your work and not exactly sure what area of nowhere I made it.  haha..

However, recently, I have started to make some real quality recordings, or atleast in my opinion they are good. Sure, if I had more money to get better equipment I would try to get the best damn quality out there. With that being said, this is what I have to work with and this is what I have produced. The songs I have recorded are original and mostly are easy rock or acoustic blues/jazz. I have been using pro tools 10, an Ibanez Acoustic/Electric, an upgraded Fender Stratocaster, a shure 57 and 58, and a descent m-audio condenser mic. I have several other acoustic guitars, a half descent generic bass (stellar,  I believe), a mixed set of drums, and a yamaha clavinova – full size electric piano.

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