Autumn Leaves Cover

This is my rendition of an old Jazz standard, Autumn Leaves.  I recorded this one back at the end of 2010 I believe.  I had just found a great deal on an old, post WWII, archtop guitar and had to get it.  Indeed, it needed a bit of tender love and care but I got it fixed up, threw a new bridge on it, new strings, set the action, and voila!  That sucker sounded and played great! I love the tone of the archtop, and the fat neck fits nicely in the palm of your hand.  This one still remains in my personal collection.  I decided to record a bit with it to see what kind of sound I could get out of it so I hooked up a shure sm-57 instrument and put it fairly close to the lower f-hole.  This seemed to be the best place for the mic without getting feedback.  I then recorded vocals through a shure sm-58 vocal mic.  The recording went fairly smooth and I was rather satisfied with the way it turned out.   Since the I only recorded a few tracks, mastering was a breeze.  However, I am thinking of re-recording with my current setup.  It may be a few weeks before I get to it but do keep an eye out for it!  As for now, this works and  I thought I would share.  If you liked the track, feel free to download it for free in the link below.  Thanks for listening!

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