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Live music always seems to enhance the atmosphere or environment an individual is in and current scientific research suggests it can even create a much more memorable experience. Whether I’m playing cover songs or my original sets, being able to express myself through writing, recording, and performing live music produces a powerful euphoric feeling I couldn’t possibly live without. If I had to say there was one significant thing that separates me from others in my field, I feel it would have to be my guitar playing. With over 30 years of experience in the field, I have discovered and welcomed a very intricate finger-picking style that probably sticks out the most.

I typically perform a variety of genres spanning many decades of great hits. For general bookings, I put together sets pulling from a growing 400+ pool of songs that work great for any event. However, I have found easy listening sets to be the most successful.

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Sound check on a rainy, gloomy Friday night

Hey guys! As always, I’m revamping my gear and constantly working at getting super fast setup/ breakdown times. Tonight, I was able to setup comfortably in about 10 minutes. (Such a relief!) After a quick tune, I went straight into David Gray’s, “Babylon”, for a sound check. This room was almost silent when I started setting up. In this video, you can really hear how live music brings a room alive.

“Babylon” is definitely in the top of my favorite songs and was fortunate to catch a recording of my version. Video is never the best from a cell phone but the audio turned out fairly well so I wanted to post it up and share with you. If you liked my cover, sign up to follow the blog on the right or go subscribe to my youtube channel. And of course, do the Instagram thing, too!

Thanks for listening, Cheers!

Oh, man! This one will get you right in the feels!

I heard this tune the other day browsing for some new stuff on Spotify and man, I dug up a good one! I must warn you, though, this one is an emotionally powerful, beautifully written and composed piece of work by Jason Isbell and his band. Once it began, I thought, “Ooo, I like the guitar” and “the vocals are smooth, too!”.  I almost didn’t want to hear what I was hearing but I couldn’t stop it.  After I finished listening to it, I couldn’t even really think straight. My mind raced as I searched for all the meaningful and even neglected memories that had been tucked away between the gyri and sulci of my cerebral cortex.  I felt myself somehow emotionally gripping onto these as if I were already losing them. I felt frozen as the next song played. An overwhelming sadness had consumed me. It wasn’t even the sadness of the loss as much as it was the inevitable fact of simply facing reality. The reality that one day I’ll no longer be here and losing the ones that I travel through this journey with. Then, I played it again.

How does it make you feel??  I was trying to wait and post up a ‘weekly favs’ blog but this one was too good to wait.

Love Where You’re At

We all know that things get crazy sometimes and don’t get me wrong, I feel like this, too. There are always those moments when you want to be in someone else’s shoes. You might want to live a different life or even a different lifestyle. There isn’t anything wrong with change or seeking something new and exciting. The problem develops when we lose touch with our own reality as we drown in social media. I’m not knocking social media by any means but let’s face it, everyone is always trying to be one up on the other person.  It’s a competition, survival of the fittest, the coolest pic, the best meme, etc.. You follow?  This is all good as well. In fact, this can serve as an inspiration to drive you to create better content and live a better and a more fulfilling life. It’s the envy that I’m getting at. Jealousy can really break down an individual in many situations. Like many of you, I have been there, done that, and bought that t-shirt. Hell, I might have even unwillingly bought 3 of those shirts… haha

If there is one thing I have learned, you have to keep your head up. Be proud of who you are. Do you. Be yourself. I guarantee there is no one else in this entire world that is or will ever be exactly like you.  I wanted to share this jam from my man, Allen Stone. Just the title, “Love where you’re at” says it all.  If you can’t love yourself and love where you’re at, I think you’re doing it all wrong. The grass is always going to be greener where you water it.

Instagram Page Is Up | Follow Here

So, I finally managed to get an Instagram page up for just my music stuff.  I’m not sure what 2018 has in store for me just yet but I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one. In the wise words of Joe Dirt, “Life’s a garden, dig it!” Well, I have my garden prepared and lots of goodies planted. With that in mind, I’m hoping to get the chance to share some new stuff and some of my older jams with you guys as I get them recorded or edit clips from live performances.

If this sounds like something you’d like to keep up with, sign up to follow my blog here where I’ll be trying to post weekly with upcoming dates around Atlanta, videos, original music, etc while also sharing a bit more about me and growing up as a musician. If you just want the music and short video clips, then check out the live cover of Clapton’s version of “Nobody knows you” below and follow my Ig. Don’t be afraid to follow both! haha.. Seriously though, if you like this stuff or anything on my page, would like to hear me cover something, or just want to say hi, drop a comment.

J-byrds Weekly Favs

Old school for me is late 80’s and early 90’s. I was an early 80’s baby that grew up in one of the weirdest times, I feel, our country has ever seen.  Growing up in the 80’s with an older brother, also a musician, gave me the opportunity to be exposed to a lot of different music. Rock music in these days consisted of big hair and lots of makeup. The big crazy hair and makeup wasn’t really my thing but I definitely rocked the tapered stonewash jeans and wore some pretty funky shirts back in the day. Oh, nostalgia! However, when the 90’s came rolling around with wide-leg baggy jeans, worn-out t-shirts, grunge music blasting from strung out, loud and rebellious rockers, I knew something good was going come from this era.

This week I wanted to share a few of my favorite bands in the 90’s. Not only were these bands cranking out good tunes, they had a huge influence in my life as a person, musician, and a songwriter. Unfortunately, many of these talented artists are no longer with us but their music will live on forever. That’s one of the great things about music. It never dies! Speaking of which, I’ll get to it.

Alice In Chains


Stone Temple Pilots



Couch Jams

Hey Guys! I had the chance to get up with The Riot for this week’s, “Couch Jams”. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a live stream jam.  This one, in particular, has excellent audio and video quality.  The idea is to keep all of the mics, headphones, and cables out of the picture while maintaining an excellent quality live stream with the feel of just chilling and jamming on the couch. This week, I offered to bring my electric to jam along.  We’re all live performers around Atlanta but its been a while since I’ve actually jammed along with anyone.  Today was a lot of fun.  They’ve been doing this on Tuesday’s around noon for a few weeks now. if you want to follow it, click here to get to The Riot’s Facebook page.  I shared this as well from my personal Facebook page but not on the musician page which these posts also hit.  So look up there or follow my page here.

For anyone curious I am using an old school (early 80’s) Fender Harvard Reverb II amp. My strat is a 95 Mexican strat with most american parts. It has been upgraded with Lace Sensor Hot Gold pickups so they’re geared towards an intense mid-range boost.  I play a lot of blues and easy rock so for my taste, they match the amplifier quite well. The amplifier has smooth reverb and slight gain when you really dig into the strings. It blended better than I expected today actually.  The audio is being streamed with only the x/y mics on a Zoom H6.  This thing sounds killer! There are no effects but it has a small amount of compression that really levels out everything nicely in the mix. More than likely I’ll be jamming with these guys again so be on the lookout for that! Also am starting up a musician Ig page so I’ll be posting about the details to that soon as well.

5 Songs that I cover every gig

Sonos Wireless Music Player

As a live performing musician, most paying gigs are cover gigs. It has actually become an interesting job. Sure, there are definitely those songs that you always hear people play and they’re great songs. However, some folks want to hear something a little different every now and then. There are so many other good artists and excellent songs out there as well.  When I do cover gigs, I enjoy picking some of my favorite songs and sharing them even if no one knows who it is or have heard it before. I often throw my own original stuff into the mix as well and honestly, no one can tell the difference.

I often get told that I sound like John Mayer. So of course, I’m going to have some Mayer in my setlist. We do have a similar style but I still don’t think I sound like him. You are more than welcome to listen to a few of my originals over on the sidebar if interested. I’m not going to be offended if you don’t. However, I usually play a handful of jams by John mostly because he is an excellent guitar player and songwriter. I enjoy putting my own twist on his stuff and having fun with it.  ‘Good love is on the way’ is one of my favorites to play mostly because of all the hammer-ons and pull-offs and I just like playing in the key of A.  I’m usually optimistic and keep an open mind about all the crazy life stuff happening so I really dig the lyrics as well. There is always good love out there.  I think the real question comes down to how vulnerable you want to be.

John Mayer – Good Love is on the way

I was playing a corporate gig in early 2016 when I had a client request a song ahead of time by Tedeschi Trucks Band. I had actually never even heard of them until then. Only one listen to Susan Tedeschi’s powerful, soul-driven voice and Derek Trucks’ insane slide guitar and I was hooked. I have arranged my own acoustic version of this jam and still include it nightly in my setlist.

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Midnight in Harlem

Eric Clapton is, by far, one of the biggest influences on my music career. This wasn’t always the case. I began playing guitar somewhere around ’87 and was heavily influenced by 80’s rock and hair metal. A few years later, I heard the ‘Unplugged’ album.  I became completely obsessed! I learned ‘Tears in heaven’ and performed in a 6th-grade talent contest. Then, I learned every song.  I began to learn the roots of that playing style. From then on, I started fingerpicking and haven’t looked back. Here is a video of me playing another one of my favorite Clapton jams and showing my fingerpicking skills. I’ll leave you with this unplugged version of Clapton’s classic hit, ‘Layla’ that I play every night.

Eric Clapton – Layla

David Bowie was always an interesting artist to me.  He wasn’t necessarily an influence on me as a musician as much as he was an artist. He was unique and original in everything he did.  He did things the way he wanted no matter what people said or thought.  Sure, drugs probably helped fuel his passion but either way, it was on fire and it radiated. As with any artist, it takes a certain amount of talent, skill, ambition, and determination combined with enough courage to make it all happen.  It doesn’t even matter who it is.  Once you see this, you will be inspired like never before.

David Bowie – Man who Sold the World

Ah, Yes! Steve Miller Band. So many goodies here as well. ‘Joker’ is often the one you always hear acoustic artists play but only a few are able to pull it off and really give it justice.  ‘Fly like an eagle’ is one of the few songs I use a loop pedal on.  Honestly, I am not a fan of the loop pedals so much.  Maybe that’s because I spent so many years learning how to accompany my vocals and guitar playing derived from thumb-driven bass lines and multiple string melodies integrated into simple chord progressions.  Or maybe I just don’t want to have you listen to a loop for 5 minutes before I start the song. However, pedals can be fun and they definitely switch things up. I keep this one pretty simple. I enjoy being able to bang on my guitar and add that funky drum beat to the loop ultimately making this one song that def hits my setlist every gig.

Steve Miller Band – Fly like an Eagle