Couch Jams

Hey Guys! I had the chance to get up with The Riot for this week’s, “Couch Jams”. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a live stream jam.  This one, in particular, has excellent audio and video quality.  The idea is to keep all of the mics, headphones, and cables out of the picture while maintaining an excellent quality live stream with the feel of just chilling and jamming on the couch. This week, I offered to bring my electric to jam along.  We’re all live performers around Atlanta but its been a while since I’ve actually jammed along with anyone.  Today was a lot of fun.  They’ve been doing this on Tuesday’s around noon for a few weeks now. if you want to follow it, click here to get to The Riot’s Facebook page.  I shared this as well from my personal Facebook page but not on the musician page which these posts also hit.  So look up there or follow my page here.

For anyone curious I am using an old school (early 80’s) Fender Harvard Reverb II amp. My strat is a 95 Mexican strat with most american parts. It has been upgraded with Lace Sensor Hot Gold pickups so they’re geared towards an intense mid-range boost.  I play a lot of blues and easy rock so for my taste, they match the amplifier quite well. The amplifier has smooth reverb and slight gain when you really dig into the strings. It blended better than I expected today actually.  The audio is being streamed with only the x/y mics on a Zoom H6.  This thing sounds killer! There are no effects but it has a small amount of compression that really levels out everything nicely in the mix. More than likely I’ll be jamming with these guys again so be on the lookout for that! Also am starting up a musician Ig page so I’ll be posting about the details to that soon as well.

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